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Do you like working with cars? Our industry-leading company is hiring!
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What’s It Like Working For Premier Detail?

Are you an experienced car detailer with a passion for cars? Our company is hiring! We are looking to hire more than one experienced car detailer to join our team. With a flexible schedule, great work environment and comprehensive training programs, we offer a rewarding career in one of the fastest growing industries in North America.

Detailing vehicles can be difficult, dirty work but it is also rewarding to see a car looking at its best. Our competitive salary, flexible schedule and great work environment reflect the value of our employees.

We are an established company that has been around since 2017.

Company size: Our company consists of 12 employees at the moment.

Company turnaround: Employees typically do not leave this job, we only hire serious employees who like to work on cars and enjoy being with the people they work with.


We offer great pay, starting from $18/hr all the way up to $32/hr for our most experienced staff. Certain jobs offer tips and some employees make anywhere from $200 to $350 per day. Pay period is bi-weekly which means you will receive your check every other week.


The ideal candidate will have experience as a car detailer or a passion for cars with good communication skills and personal hygiene. People who get hired for this job usually have a high school diploma or equivalent; training will be provided. Job duties include detailing vehicles with strong organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to multitask, ability to work independently without supervision as well as part of a team, good communication skills among coworkers and management, respect for fellow employees and customers, can solve problems on their own using good judgment etc.

Where is the job located?

If you are applying to be a mobile detailer the job location is constantly changing. Your entire job as a mobile detailer is to be mobile and come to people's homes or offices to detail their cars. Most jobs will be in the Chicago and surrounding areas. A company car will be provided to you if you decide to become a mobile detailer one day. Most of our other employees work at dealerships.


What industry is this company in? This job falls under the “Auto” industry meaning that we deal with cars; but within this industry there are different types of jobs such as sales, administration, management etc. The specific type of work you will be doing will dictate which position you apply for (i.e., detailer, receptionist, salesperson, accountant etc.)

Job Duties:

‣ Communicate well with customers
‣ Get along well with co-workers
‣ Use common sense
‣ Be able to work without supervision
‣ Detail vehicles
‣ Vacuum Interior
‣ Scrub down cars with soap/water to remove dirt & mud from exterior
‣ Polish the Exterior
‣ Use clay bar

How to Apply

Our comprehensive training programs prepare you for a rewarding career in one of the fastest growing industries in North America.Contact us at any time for more information about our careers. You can also directly reach out to our email address: Just tell us a few things about yourself and why you think you’d be a good candidate for our detailing team! We look forward to hearing from you!


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